Information need to print on product packaging


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Any product is covered or contained in any kind of packaging. Packaging publications help to name and distinguish one product from another, and in particular, they also provide useful information about the product as well as the manufacturer's brand to the consumer, so the packaging not only needs to be beautiful and quality, but it also needs to fully and accurately convey the necessary information. In this article, Printgo will help you to statistic the information on product packaging that you need to have!   

Information need to print on product packaging

Why do companies need to know information on product packaging? 

Packaging will be the bridge to help convey information about the product as well as the brand to consumers. Product packaging images will be a way to advertise products, contribute to boosting sales. 

The information on the product will help consumers know the name, ingredients, instructions for use, information about nutritional value, date of manufacture/expiry date,... This information will help identify products and make the user experience easier. 

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Information need to print on product packaging

For manufacturing individuals and enterprises, the full printing of information on product packaging helps to attract attention, build a brand, and trust for customers. In addition, the way of presenting information on the packaging also shows the professional style and reputation of the manufacturer, creating competitiveness with products of the same type. 

Information should be printed on the product packaging 

The information required for packaging varies. Here are a few of the requirements for what information to print on packaging publications is as follows: 

  • Types of food packaging, food and beverage packaging (except alcohol): Quantity, date of manufacture, expiry date, ingredients, instructions for use, warnings about food hygiene and safety, ...

Information need to print on product packaging


  • Wine packaging: Quantity, ethanol content, instructions for storage, ... 

Information need to print on product packaging


  • Packaging of medicines, pharmaceutical products: Quantity, date of manufacture, expiry date, ingredients, instructions for use, instructions for storage, ... 

Information need to print on product packaging


  • Packaging of medical equipment or supplies or electronic products and components: Quantity, date of manufacture, expiry date, composition, specifications, safety warnings, instructions preservation,... 

Information need to print on product packaging


  • Cosmetic/chemical packaging: Quantity, manufacturing date, expiry date, ingredients, specifications, safety warnings, instructions for use/storage,...

Information need to print on product packaging

Thus, in this article, Printgo has revealed the required information on all types of product packaging. A product packaging design should have a reasonable balance of information. Therefore, designers need to have knowledge and experience to create not only beautiful packaging but also sufficient information to contribute to improving the reputation and professionalism of manufacturers. 

Different from the way traditional printing workshops operate, Printgo is an online design and printing platform, connecting thousands of modern printers with customers. Therefore, Printgo's products always meet the best quality standards, providing the best design and printing experience.   

Now, customers do not need to waste time looking for the right design of their own and then find a separate packaging printing factory to do. All of that is integrated into one platform.

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