6 basic steps to design the fastest and most effective product packaging


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Irrespective of the product, when holding in hand, the customer still pays attention to the outer packaging. Paper bags, paper boxes, or product labeling decals are a tool to help protect, contain, express information, and contribute to product promotion. 

As a result, the packaging designs not only need to be beautiful but also show professionalism, embellish, and convey the value of the brand to consumers. In this article, Printgo will share with you how to design the fastest and most effective product packaging! 

Step 1: Choose the right packaging 

On the market, there are many types of products, each type of product can use many different packaging in terms of size, style, and material. Therefore, before designing your package, you need to define the basic requirements for the packaging type. What packaging does your product need? What are the technical standards to be ensured?

6 basic steps to design the fastest and most effective product packaging

Choosing the right packaging type will help enhance the value of the product, attract potential customers, and contribute to bringing the best business performance for the business. 

Step 2: Plan product packaging design

Before embarking on the design, some information that you need to pay attention to include: 

  • The mold is suitable for the product size 
  • The most accurate file format designed 
  • The color system should be used to ensure print quality

6 basic steps to design the fastest and most effective product packaging

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Step 3: Arrange the layout - structure information on the packaging surface

Presenting clear and scientific information on the packaging surface will help convey full data about the product, and simultaneously show the professional style of the business. Hence, the arrangement of this information needs to be calculated in advance. Usually, on the product packaging, there will be information about the ingredients, instructions for use, and data about the business. As such, when designing, it is necessary to balance the product packaging so that the product packaging does not look confused or redundant/lacking information. 

6 basic steps to design the fastest and most effective product packaging

Step 4: Select product packaging design software 

Many design software for free or paid will be the solution to help you get the most beautiful and professional packaging sketch. Depending on the requirements as well as the complexity of the publication, choose different software. After you have chosen the supporting software, you can begin to design a sketch of packaging products.

6 basic steps to design the fastest and most effective product packaging

Step 5: Evaluate of product packaging design 

After you have completed the outline of product packaging design, you need to review the overview for better improvements. Some criteria to evaluate product packaging design are as follows: 

  • Can customers understand the product or not? 
  • Does the packaging stand out when placing other products? 
  • Has the packaging shown the brand identity of the business? 

6 basic steps to design the fastest and most effective product packaging

Step 6: Collect feedback on product packaging design

Surveying and collecting feedback on packaging design will help you get an overview of the product. In addition, this also helps you to verify that the packaging design really conveys the right content and messages. 

6 basic steps to design the fastest and most effective product packaging

Thus, in this article, Printgo has revealed the notes when designing product packaging. Hopefully, these considerations will help reduce workload, save time, and help improve the quality of design products. In addition, to save time and costs and still own quality standard packaging samples, you can search and cooperate with product packaging design companies.  

If you are in need of designing and printing decal stickers, you can contact Printgo immediately. Printgo - the leading design and printing platform in Vietnam to own all the best packaging publications.      

For more information, please contact Printgo immediately through: 

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