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A catalog is a powerful tool in the marketing strategy of a product or a brand. In order to get a complete finished product, customers need to go through a lot of meticulous stages, in which design is considered the most important. Therefore, with a view to designing a professional catalog, let’s read the article below.

Creating an impressive cover page

The principal thing that captures the eyes of the viewers with the catalog design is the cover of the publication. Thus, the cover is critical, it strongly affects whether to see the catalog of the company. Normally, the cover will play the role of introducing the company name, logo, slogan, etc. Accordingly, you should put the message, slogan, the biggest advantage on the cover, and make them stand out to get the attention of the viewers. The cover of the catalog acts as a title in the advertisement, the catalog design with an impressive cover page will determine up to 50% of the publication’s success.

Creating content in a professional manner

A  catalog is considered a small dictionary of businesses. Reading the catalog is simply reading a part of the business. Hence, the content of the catalog is pivotal. Content requirements need to be short, concise, and adequate. The content should be sufficient enough to avoid giving an excess of information, which will confuse readers, dilute the main information, and reduce the effectiveness of the catalog. Don’t be afraid to cut out the complicated and fussy details to make your publication more professional.

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For the central information, you should highlight them to attract readers. Typically, the importance of information will be in a downward trend, which means that the main information should be posted first.

Also, do not forget to annotate the product. Product descriptions should be brief, using common words to express them.

Investing in image

Good images will create a high-quality for the catalog. Image is one of the most crucial factors that customers can visualize the product and get to it quickly. Investing in a vivid, creative image will make your products more appealing, eye-catching while increasing the professionalism and reputation of the company. Attractive images will contribute to the purchase behavior of customers. You should use photos in lieu of designed photos because their authenticity and reliability will be higher.                                         

Clear and uniform layout

Any design needs a clear, coherent, and consistent layout. You should consolidate between the pages about headers, images… creating habits for users, helping them absorb information easily.

A well-organized catalog design will make customers fascinated, clearly organized, and the links between the pages will create a professional feeling. Sometimes, using the comparative strategy in the catalog’s layout will bring more efficiency when putting the product line next to each other so that customers can see outstanding and superior features. This will give customers an overall review of your product.

Considering the number of pages and the size of the catalog

This is also an issue that designers have to keep in mind. The number of pages and the size of the catalog design will affect the image size and font size accordingly. The catalog with A5 size will be able to contain information and images, which are different from A4 or A3 size.               

Selecting printing materials

Selecting printing materials not only increases the catalog’s aesthetics but also helps extend their “shelf life”. As we all know, catalogs have an advertising role to play for every business. When customers have access to a good publication, their sympathy and impression of the business will increase.

In this contemporary world, with modern printing technology and the introduction of different printing materials, you have a plethora of options for your catalog to achieve optimum use efficiency.

Above is the share when designing a beautiful, professional catalog. Hope the article will help you.

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