Avoid these things in food packaging!


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Certainly, paper packaging will rise and replace less environmentally friendly packaging, especially with takeaway products such as coffee, milk tea, ice cream, rice, soup,... or other packaging products such as tea, coffee, confectionery,... Switching to paper food packaging is not only to meet the needs of the majority of consumers but also a long-term strategy of the business (because once environmentally friendly packaging is used, it is difficult to avoid negative reactions from the community when businesses return to using plastic packaging).

Here are the things you must absolutely avoid when deciding to use paper food packaging:

A lack of packaging’s attractiveness

Packaging needs to attract and express brand personality. When no other marketing program is used, the packaging is the most convincing factor to buy in the role of the most direct seller. On the market today, there are many brands that meet the same needs, the products do not have many differences in function, so brands need to attract customers' attention with eye-catching packaging. This is what makes consumers decide to look back and look at your product more closely.

Avoid these things in food packaging!

This food packaging contains outstanding colors, appealing to the eyes of customers.

The attraction of the packaging is shown in the design, printing of images, and colors on the food packaging so that it is vivid and attractive.

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Untruthful images, content

If your product is beautiful and high-quality, you might consider using window packaging to "show off" your product.

Avoid these things in food packaging!

If your product is truthful, you can consider to "show off" your imagination.

Packaging should ensure the truthfulness of the image and product information of the business. That is, the illustrations on the package and the actual food contained in it must be similar. A product with beautiful and sparkling illustrations can make consumers love and choose to buy, but if the quality of the product is too bad, customers will be disappointed, not satisfied and they will definitely not choose your product in the future.

No branding or inconsistent brand identity

One big mistake take-away dealers still make is to forget the brand name on their packaging. Printgo does not include buffet restaurants or small tea shops in this article, but once you have decided to build a brand to open a chain store, the brand name needs to be built up from the smallest things like branding a coffee cup, milk tea (or even a sugar package, a tissue, a spoon,...).

Avoid these things in food packaging!

Starbucks uses paper product packaging.

These small details will gradually create a professional and reliable image in the heart of customers. Even when the identity image enters the customer's subconscious, every time they see the company's logo image, they will remember the taste of the food and want to visit your store to seriously spend the nearest time.

Avoid these things in food packaging!

This is a consistent food product packaging.

In addition, most packaged foods are invested a lot in packaging and highlighting their brands. However, when the product line is expanded, it is likely that the packaging will no longer keep the consistency in brand identity, causing confusion for customers. If you still wonder about this, you can refer to TH True Milk's product identifier and apply it yourself.

A poor preservation function

The most important function of the packaging is to preserve food inside it so that the product retains the correct taste, quality, and temperature when it reaches the customers. A packaging fails if it cannot meet this minimum requirement.

Coffee paper cups must be waterproof and keep heat well.

Avoid these things in food packaging!

Avoid these things in food packaging!

These packagings guarantee customers' health as one of their top priorities.


Normally, in addition to paper as the main raw material, paper food packaging is also combined with BOPP films - a thin plastic film that is waterproof, preserving the packaging surface from scratches, ensuring those aesthetics.

You should find the right packaging for your product because hot or cold water should use different types of paper cups with a film coating.

Incomplete information

Food packaging needs full information on the label according to regulations. You do not need to be too concerned about the information on the takeaway food packages, just the brand name, logo, slogan, address, contact information. However, the packages entering the market need quite a lot of information as required by the labeling law. According to this regulation, all packaged foods are required to have their nutritional ingredients listed on the package. This information will let consumers know how many calories and nutrients are in the diet to choose the best product for them.

Avoid these things in food packaging!

This packaging contains adequate information for customers.

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