Tell your brand story through packaging design


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We all like new things. Every new item comes out with the power to make our lives better, and a new product is even more amazing when it comes to the perfect packaging. Packaging has the power to inspire us to buy a product and make us feel even better about a purchase we just made.

In addition, to build a strong brand, you have to tell compelling brand stories because the packaging is not just product protection anymore, it is what creates a shopping experience, creating an impression with brands such as company name and logo.

The fact is that Millennials and Gen Z are getting impatient, they don't want to be bothered for 5 seconds with an advertisement but are willing to spend 30 minutes watching or even reading a meaningful story. Hence, the need to tell compelling brand stories will become increasingly important in the coming years. As we have seen in today's consumer trends, buyers value transparency and look for brands that give them the feeling of using genuine goods.

Let's take a closer look at three businesses that do a great job of telling their brand story through their packaging design.

Divine Chocolate: Outstanding with its brand promise

Tell your brand story through packaging design

The packaging inspires a purchase and makes us feel comfortable with the shopping experience.

Your brand's story includes more than your name, logo, and a few lines of company introduction. The brand promise is an integral part of the brand story you are about to tell.

A brand promise is a commitment to what business brings to customers. If you think positioning is the prerequisite for a brand to sprout and thrive, the brand promise is the brand's accomplishment - the tangible benefit that makes a product or service desirable.

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The packaging design of Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate promises its customers delicious chocolates, but that's not all. They have carried out their mission: "Make the world a place where chocolate is loved by everyone, including cocoa farmer families". They did the right things and put the promise on the packaging!

Tell your brand story through packaging design

Every detail on packaging design is geared towards expressing the brand promise.

Divine's packaging design features a luxurious gold-colored metallic laminated logo, reminding customers of high-quality chocolate bars inside. Besides, even if you don't know the meaning of each symbol on the packaging, they still remind consumers of the Ghanian chocolate origin - where more than 85,000 coffee farmers co-own the company. Bright colors on a dark or brown inspired Ghanian background, overlapping the elegance of a neutral background to convey their brand story.

What can we learn?

Highlight your logo to increase brand awareness. Make sure your company logo represents the best possible representation of your brand.

Making thoughtful choices about graphics will best convey your brand's story. Be selective and in-depth - use images that make the most sense possible while incorporating the overall design concept and brand story.

Charlotte's Web: Brand awareness

Tell your brand story through packaging design

While it is impossible to control customer perception of the product, brands can guide it.

When we try to control the narrative around our brand, there is one factor that we can influence, but never fully control: Brand awareness.

Brand awareness is how the target public perceives your brand. It is as part of your brand story as the elements you can control: your brand promise, your brand personality, your branding style guide.

Packaging design by Charlotte's Web

Design creates trust

Charlotte's Web is a high-quality hemp oil (similar to cannabis) manufacturer and retailer with the "World's Most Trusted Hemp Extract." Their products are considered safe, legal, and of high quality. This is a feat considering the overwhelming stigma attached to the type of plants their product is made from, and the packaging design has helped them a lot in the branding process.

Charlotte's Web products are packed to inspire confidence. They use bold, yet reliable neutral colors to create a sense of sophistication - a far cry from the red, green, and yellow Rastafarian colors commonly associated with marijuana.

Tell your brand story through packaging design

Elegant, professional, and sophisticated minimal design with clear sans serif typeface and simple line art. They also model their designs according to traditional medicine packaging, referring to the number of milligrams of active ingredients present in the product and using languages ​​such as "balm", "extract" and "supplement”. Energy "creates more links with health and medicine."

Packaging creates health and medicine associations

And finally, their branding is consistent across all their products. From hemp oil extracts to their capsules and boxes, all packages share the same consistent visual branding. This gives the entire chain a professional and reliable atmosphere.

What can we learn?

If your brand's story goes against popular belief, the packaging design should show the story you want to tell, but you should be careful to avoid comparisons that inadvertently elicit an unwelcome story.

Consistently brand your product packaging so consumers can know and trust your brand. Repeated interactions with your brand to build familiarity and trust.

Tell your brand story through packaging design

Product packaging helps your company connect with customers and potential customers. They can see, touch, and (if appropriate) smell your packaging. No advertising gives you more customer attention than your packaging, so take advantage of and share through your product packaging as many of your brand stories as possible. This is your chance to help your audience really get to know you and make a lasting positive impression.

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