How to design cosmetic packaging 101

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With today's social trend, consumers are not only interested in product quality but also choose to use products based on beautiful and eye-catching packaging designs. It can be said that packaging accounts for an important part of production and business activities in all industries and fields. Beautiful packaging design not only shows the professionalism of the business but also helps improve the value of products, brands and create impressions and trust in the eyes of customers.

If you want to own beautiful packaging samples, businesses need to thoroughly learn about the packaging content regulations in each item as well as choose the address to provide reputable design and printing services to ensure quality.

Regulations on product packaging design content 

Depending on each item in different fields and industries, the design and printing of product packages are also regulated differently. However, there are some regulations on packaging design content specific to the following items: 

  • Food packaging: it is necessary to ensure sufficient quantitative information, date of manufacture/use, composition, instructions for use, and storage.
  • Beverage packaging (not including alcohol): must clearly state the date of manufacture, expiry date, ingredients, and use precautions.  
  • Wine packaging: information on quantity, ethanol content, instructions for storage and use is required.
  • Packaging of medicines and pharmaceuticals related to human health: priority is given to information on origin - origin, ingredient quantities, warnings and precautions for use, instructions for use, and preservation.
  • Cosmetic packaging: composition information, origin, specifications, use notes should be fully ensured.

How to design cosmetic packaging 101

  • Agricultural packaging: transparency of origin, specific composition, and quantity, warning of food hygiene and safety, detailed instructions for use and storage. 
  • Furniture packaging: storage information, specifications, instructions for use, and origin need to be detailed and clear.
  • Packaging of electrical and electronic products: specifications are the most important part, instructions for use and information such as storage should be provided in full.
  • Chemical packaging: sensitive products need to focus on specific safety warnings, expiry dates, ingredients, and specific quantities.
  • Manual product packaging: information of origin, ingredient details, instructions for use, preservation are necessary contents.

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Synthesis of beautiful packaging designs 2020 

How to design cosmetic packaging 101

How to design cosmetic packaging 101

How to design cosmetic packaging 101

How to design cosmetic packaging 101

How to design cosmetic packaging 101

How to design cosmetic packaging 101

How to design cosmetic packaging 101

Beautiful and professional packaging design services increase business efficiency

From the appearance, customers cannot evaluate the quality of the product, so the beautiful and impressive packaging design will definitely help the product stand out in the market and attract as well as reach potential customers better. In addition to specific regulations on packaging design content, appropriate packaging quality is also a factor that directly affects the product. Therefore, when choosing to invest in packaging, businesses need to comply with regulations and choose professional and quality packaging design and printing services and facilities.

If you are a business looking for a facility that provides printing services, packaging design, Printgo will be the first choice. Understand the wishes of every business and synchronously integrate printing and design processes on the basis of modern technology, Printgo will bring beautiful, impressive packaging designs, especially suitable for production.

How to design cosmetic packaging 101

Moreover, with the advantage of a rich and diverse sample library, finding design ideas will become extremely simple and convenient. At the same time, a team of professional designers at Printgo is also extremely dynamic and creative to meet all consulting needs, implementing effective packaging design with high applicability.

Packaging printing quality as well as customer care are always on top priority. Customers will be extremely satisfied with competitive service costs and convenient delivery policy to all regions of the country in accordance with the commitment on time.

For any consultation and use of product packaging design and printing services, customers can immediately contact Printgo via hotline 1900.633313 or email for the support!



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