5 reasons to change product packaging


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It is irrefutable that product packaging is a crucial, sometimes most important, communication tool that provides information to consumers to facilitate decision-making and product use after purchasing. As you embark on packaging development in your marketing strategy, you need to determine if new packaging development is essential. If your product is brand new then packaging is a must. However, if it is an existing product then you should consider changing the product's packaging in the following situations:

Brand repositioning

Repositioning is an urgent requirement to adapt to the competition and strong social and economic changes to win the hearts of customers. When rebranding, the question you need to ask is, "How do we want our customers to feel about the product?". If you cannot change too much about the product, you must also change the product's packaging, because the packaging is the first touchpoint - the one for customers to form the perception of the product. A high-end product wouldn't be overlooked by high-income earners if it was placed in a mass box, found anywhere. When refreshing packaging, make sure that the symbols, colors, and shapes of the packaging merge in a way related to the status or to help promote the position of the product.

5 reasons to change product packaging

Poor logo and images

Apple has repeatedly changed the logo towards simplicity. Look and feel your product's packaging, how do you feel when you look at it? How does it compare to a competitor's packaging? If the two packages seem the same but your brand is in a weaker position, you shouldn't try to go against them. Also, reviewing your business results and doing a little research to see how your packaging is getting feedback from consumers, do they like this packaging? If your current packaging looks messy, unsightly, unlike anyone, or out of date, it's time to make a change to the product.

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5 reasons to change product packaging

Changing your target audience

Marketing must be customer-oriented, customer-centric, and develop products that suit your customers' needs so much that customers want to own your products. When you are changing your target audience and also the product orientation, you will need to pay attention to changing product packaging. This is necessary to accurately meet the needs of the target market and to develop packaging that will convince the target market to buy more products.

5 reasons to change product packaging

Even if the core ingredients and values ​​of the product are not changed, the new packaging is still extremely necessary. New packaging styles and icons must make the target audience attracted and liked.

Expanding product line

5 reasons to change product packaging

TH truemilk has a completely consistent packaging.

When there is a change in the product line, the packaging needs to be adjusted or redesigned as soon as these changes occur. In this case, the packaging should present a consistent image with the brand and simultaneously show the differences between the products, should they have a different style from the same products?

Expanding distribution channels

In order to penetrate a particular distribution channel, packaging needs to be adjusted in terms of appearance, style, size, or shape to suit the space, display method, and business environment. For example, in a supermarket where soft drinks are sold in cartons, in batches of 6 cans or retail to increase consumption, customers can choose the quantity that suits their needs. When penetrating different channels, you need different sizes and each one has to be designed to be attractive. The smaller and more innovative the unit increases the purchase volume in today's busy and competitive environment.

5 reasons to change product packaging

Relevant images

5 reasons to change product packaging

Heineken once changed the packaging for more silver color.


If your business encounters these situations, consider changing product packaging to reach your target audience and bring in revenue. When you are sure you want a spectacular comeback in a new coat, remember Printgo. With our experience in designing brands and producing professional packaging for thousands of different brands, we have the recipe for success!

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