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Printgo is the first online Design and Printing platform in Vietnam. With a synchronous and closed process from design to Printing, Printgo changes traditional habits, overcoming the difficulties and shortcomings that customers often encounter. Defining the core values ​​of technology and people, Printgo is committed to providing quality products and excellent services for customers. 

Printgo's mission is to use the power of technology to solve Design and Print challenges. We create a connecting platform between Customers - Designers - Printers, increasing the value of all parties participating in the system.

Printgo’s products and services 


LOGO is the simplest way to help customers recognize your brand. Simultaneously, this will also be the beginning of building a brand identity. Why do you recognize Microsoft products in hundreds of thousands of other technology brands? Because Microsoft's O logo is a Window, making it easy for customers to think of its most popular operating system. Likewise, when referring to a bitten apple, customers will immediately think of Apple's cult products. Building a logo associated with the brand, distinct from competitors in the business field is what all customers are aiming for. Therefore, it can be said that the logo is the soul of a brand.




Building professional brand identity publications are to create a great path, bring customers to your company, business. It’s not just an imprint statue, that is the feeling of sync from the smallest products like leaflets, folding sheets, paper bags,… Especially, if you are a newly established business, then building the brand identity publications is of great importance. A professional branding is an indispensable thing, which helps customers easily impress, remember your brand. Moreover, it is an effective tool to convey messages easily and the core values of each corporation. Lastly, professionalism and carefulness will create credibility for customers.





Owning a professional office publication brings great results for businesses. First, office publications will create a company culture. Each member of the company understands the mission and value that the company wants to aim for. Moreover, the office branding publications also help you to have confidence and a professional attitude when communicating with customers, partners, increasing brand awareness as well as direct communication efficiency through activities and events of the company. Whether a newly established business or a long-time business, the printing of office publications is essential.

To illustrate, our company provides you a plethora of office products such as business cards, letterheads, file folders, envelopes, invoices,…


Name card




Letter head


File folder


Advertising publications are especially essential when convincing customers about the strengths and advantages of the company's products and services, particularly in the case of direct sales, which provide a lot of information about the product and answers to customers' questions. The designs, images, messages conveyed in advertising publications are also a useful tool to enhance the product image and brand awareness of the business.

Flyers, brochures, catalogs,… are the main fashions for each company to promote their brand images, which cater to each customer’s demands with numerous types of colors and designs.









Packaging has a pivotal role to play in in production and sales, marketing, and promotions of all companies and businesses. Owning a unique and impressive packaging will help:

  • Attract customers who are interested in products and services
  • Increase brand awareness and engage brand image in the customer’s mind
  • Increase sales, and effective transmission marketing communication

Printgo provides you various paper boxes, paper bags with colorful packages, labels, stickers, kraft paper bags,… with appealing and eye-catching designs. We possess a myriad of collections that are now available on our website.



Outstanding advantages of Printgo

Synchronizing the design process to printing saves time and makes it convenient for customers when they need to print and design. With 100% free consultation, you can search for designs that are built-in on the sample library at Printgo's website.

  • Printgo owns the experienced staff, ready to serve customers with the printing platform linkage system using modern technology to ensure complete product quality, no errors of printing and processing.
  • Competitive service rates, many attractive promotions when using the service.
  • Policies for transporting and delivering goods quickly and effectively nationwide.

If you are in need of designing or printing, do not hesitate to contact Printgo via hotline 1900.633313 or email so that the design team with many years of experience in the profession will consult wholeheartedly and in detail to customers.

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